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Found a cornerstone?  Great!  First, shoot a close up of the cornerstone and an overall shot of the structure.  Second, fill in this form.  For “Location Title” please enter the year and structure (ex. 1912, Fenway Park).  Under “Category” enter the neighborhood.  Under “Details”, fill in the date you took the photo.  You can only submit one image through this form so please email the second image to with the year, structure and your name in the title.  You are now an official Boston Cornerstones Contributor.  Your name will be a link under the “Contributors” section from which you can see all the cornerstones you’ve found so go find some more!  Thank you.

*** By submitting images, you consent they can be used in all manners associated with the Boston Cornerstones project.  Your images will always appear with your credit.***

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