Boston Cornerstones

“Buildings is like people. I mean they got stories, and they got secrets to tell you. All you gotta do is look.” – Tony, Brinks Job


Boston Cornerstones is in search of cornerstones on buildings / structures all across the Boston metro area.  Did you find one?  Submit it here.

Each cornerstone will be mapped out on the Boston Cornerstones website and overtime collectively all these buildings / structures will begin to tell Boston’s story.  This will not turn out as many other photo-essays on Boston seeking beauty and the well-known. Some notable buildings / structures will make it into the project, but the seeming randomness of what buildings / structures have cornerstones will dictate a unique architectural collection while remaining cohesive.

Essentially, this is an exploration through time through Boston.  It will show the current Boston is only a combination of all the Bostons it was before similar to a person being an amalgam of all their past selves.  Emphasizing this element of time, Boston Cornerstones creator, photographer Mike Ritter, will select one building / structure from each year found and create a time collage (multiple images blended into one) to add in among his and everyone else’s snapshots of the buildings and their cornerstones.  Happy cornerstone hunting.

All photos © to the photographer listed in the caption.